Rhonda Konowalow AngellSheShe Artisan Jewelry was born out of a desire to have unique jewelry for my wedding.  Nothing I saw in retail stores seemed right, and although I’d never made jewelry in my life, for some reason, I thought I could do it.  For the next six months, I dabbled in jewelry design, creating a different necklace for each of the girls in my wedding.  Not really knowing what I was doing, I had to take each piece apart and start over more times than I care to admit.  I didn’t even finish my own necklace until the morning of my wedding!  But, I was hooked and stuck with my new hobby, never making two pieces alike.

I continued to design and experiment with various techniques and materials.  I was getting compliments on the jewelry and eventually, people were asking if they could purchase it.  Stretching my imagination by never duplicating a design is something I take great pride in.  I truly love each piece I create, and am honored to be able to share my unique designs with unique women.  Enjoy!